Professional Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is very time consuming and labor-intensive. For your project to be done correctly requires the proper tools, skilled labor, and the appropriate knowledge of products, techniques, and how to prepare each surface.

Our goal is to eliminate your stress and concerns about the project by demonstrating our ability and giving you the best results in all areas of your painting project.

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Preparation (The Holy Grail of Painting)

This is the key to it all. If your project is not properly prepared it will not look good and it will not last. So how do you know if your project is being prepared properly? Here is our specification sheet for preparation:

  • Move all items away from house. Trim plants as needed.
  • Remove light fixtures, numbers, mailboxes, nails, old cables, door hardware, etc. (reinstall after painting)
  • Trench dirt areas around house. (3-4 inches deep)
  • Pressure wash entire house.
  • Bleach mildew areas.
  • Acid wash efflorescence – alkali deposits on stucco.
  • Stucco patch – match as close as possible existing texture.
  • Fill hairline cracks in stucco with elastomeric caulk (blend out with brush and water to avoid lines.
  • Remove all loose paint on wood trim, use chemical stripper if needed.
  • Sand all smooth wood including fascia, doors, windows trim, etc. (We usually do not sand eaves)
  • Fill wood flaws with Bondo or Flexall.
  • Caulk cracks in fascia, wood trim and siding. (we do not caulk horizontal siding or eaves).
  • Fill cracked wood siding with smooth elastomeric filler, brush in to match textures.
  • Prime all bare wood, stucco patches, and rusted metal.
  • Mask all windows, cover plants, walkways, gates and cars.


When it comes to applying the paint there are many factors to consider that will determine both the look and life of the paint. Such as paint brand, product line within that brand, sheen, application process, and time of application (weather/conditions).

Brands – Not all brands of paint are created equal. There are premium and discount brands. Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams would be considered premium brands while Behr and Glidden would be considered discount brands.

Product Lines – Each brand has multiple product lines for different types of surfaces and circumstances. For example, Dunn Edwards Suprema is a great paint for interior painting but would not last long on exterior surfaces. In addition to having specific product lines for each surface type, brands also have product lines of varying quality. For Example Dunn Edwards has 3 main exterior paints the highest quality being Evershield, then Spartashield, then its Versa line.

Sheen – Or in other words how shiny the paint is. There are many different sheens of paint. Dunn Edwards sheen levels are as follows: flat, velvet, eggshell, low sheen, semi gloss, gloss, and high gloss. Each sheen is used on different surfaces, will look different and will have varying durability.

Application Process – There are a few processes for applying paint. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.

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Hello Curb Appeal!

Our company offers services you can trust. Your home is your personal space. So, let us make it look impeccable.

Improving your home does not necessarily mean you have to get an intensive remodeling job. Exterior painting services are an inexpensive way of vastly improving your home’s marketability. Exterior painting is also a very fast process, unlike other remodeling jobs.

Defend your House from Normal Wear and Tear

The older the property gets, the more susceptible it becomes to the common degradation. When you hire our exterior painters, not only will the professional paint’s protective coatings and caulking help your home’s exterior protect against the common degradation but it will also protect your property against weather and environmental elements such as humidity, solar, and UV light.

Not only that, but it will also stop mold, mildew, and insects from wreaking havoc on your property’s exteriors.

exterior painters Orange County California
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Increase the lifespan of your siding

No matter the type of siding on your home, whether a vinyl or wood siding, a new paint coating will vastly improve its durability for years to come.

This shows that a fresh paint job is actually not a waste of your hard-earned money rather it will help you save money considering the need to replace your siding. Not to mention, the paint can also cover up any abuse and imperfections that your siding has acquired through its duration. Our paint services will also provide additional protection to any areas that have already degraded.